BPF is eating the world, don't you see?

Speaker: Arnaldo Melo

Type: Palestra1h

Room: Auditorio

Time: Mar 27 (Fri): 14:30

Duration: 1:00

The BPF VM in the kernel is being used in ever more scenarios where running a restricted, validated program in kernel space provides a super powerful mix of flexibility and performance which is transforming how a kernel work.

That creates challenges for developers, sysadmins and support engineers, having tools for observing what BPF programs are doing in the system is critical.

A lot has been done recently in improving tooling such as perf and bpftool to help with that, trying to make BPF fully supported for profiling, annotating, tracing, debugging.

An introduction to what is BPF and a description of these observability tooling advances are the subjects of this talk.