Caninos Loucos - the time is now

Speaker: Jon "maddog" Hall

Type: Palestra30min

Room: Auditorio

Time: Mar 27 (Fri): 13:30

Duration: 0:30

Almost since the Raspberry Pi came out a team of people have been trying to produce a similar computer that is suited to the Brazilian market. That computer is part of the Caninos Loucos Program and is called the Labrador. The team also has a small sensor computer (the "Pulga") and a larger high performance computer (under design).

Now it is time to think about the bigger will these computers be used, and will they serve the larger community of Latin America. Projects like ODOO, Kodi, Freedombox and others can be applied to these computers and make them valuable (above and beyond a "general purpose computer) to end users.

Solutions that can be sold, creating jobs and better lives for people in Latin America.

This talk will bring you up to date with the status of the project and how Debian will be at the center of these products.